What Did You Name Your WiFi Router?

We just switched to Xfinity so the gang came buy to hook up the system. I had to give my

photo by kenny jones

new router a name. I named it:

Bill Wi the Science Fi

The tech got a kick out of it – which made it totally worth it. But when I was connecting to it – all the other WiFi names start popping up.  I noticed that I was not the only clever internet subscriber in the neighborhood.

There were loads of unique WiFi Router names like:

  • Alice in WonderLAN
  • Enter The Matrix
  • Abraham Linksys
  • Two Girls One Router

Someone even called theirs….FBI Surveillance Van. If there’s really something nefarious happening in our ‘hood – that’s not very covert fellas.

So what did you call your WiFi Router? Let’s hear it?

Please share.


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