Is Using Emojis at Work Acceptable?

Do you use emojis?  Of course you do – unless you’re still on that Nokia 1100…and if you are – play a round of Snake for me!  Even if your phone is prehistoric – you know you still use the Colon Parenthesis – sideways smiley on occasion.

But what about emojis in the work place?  Apparently it’s no big deal.  In fact, it’s finally becoming acceptable!

According to a new survey – 55% of people think emojis can be useful at work because they help convey a “tone.”

I totally agree – next time you need to take a jab at the boss man on a group text – use

photo courtesy of kenny jones

the Wink Tongue Out emoji – and everyone will think you’re joking….

It works for me!

The survey also found that when we’re not at work, we’re all constantly using emojis.  The average person uses 34.7 emojis PER DAY between their emails, messages, and social media posts.

At this rate, these lil’ pictures may become our only form of communication.  I’ve heard history books are just a collection of Memes now.


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