Whats a Must See For Your Visitors

When your family or friends come to visit, what must see attraction/activity in the area do you always take them to see/do?

My niece just came to visit.  She’s never been to California before so we wanted to give her the full Nor-Cal experience. She wanted to see San Francisco – so we did all the touristy stuff there.

photo courtesy of kenny jones

Then took her to (our personal favorite) Yosemite National Park.  We stayed in Curry Village in a heated tent – we hiked close to twenty miles in just two days.  She love it. And we loved that she loved it.

So whenever ANYONE comes to see the Jones’es – they are going to Yosemite…because it’s amazing…and it gives us an excuse to go again.

I guess they’re going to Yosemite National Park whether they want to or not!

What’s your must see attraction for visitors?


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