The BEST Worst Cat That Ever Lived

When you get a pet – know that you’ve just brought a little piece of tragedy into your life.  At some point you’re going to have to say “good bye” to that adorable little furbaby. But even knowing that – living without the happiness and joy they bring to your life is something unimaginable.

I had to say good bye to an old friend at the weekend. My 12 year old Arabian Mau from the mean streets of Dubai crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday.  Her name

photo by kenny jones

was Ravi.  She was a sassy lil’ gritty kitty that brought joy to anyone that had the pleasure of being in her company….

If you don’t mind your heartstrings being tugged a little, you can read the Eulogy below that I wrote to let my facebook and instagram family and friends know of this gritty little kitty’s passing.
These adorable little creatures leave such a hole in your heart when they go…but you’ll never know how big until the time comes.  And the thing is (even knowing that)…you wouldn’t trade ’em for anything in the world.
Ravi Jones was the BEST worst cat that ever lived. She was 150 pounds of fight in a 6 pound body. She stole our hearts the day we found her on the rough streets of Satwa in Dubai.  
This gritty little bin kitty had one eye, a notch out of her ear and only had a handful of teeth. She hated other cats but had nothing but love for Erica Vanderbeek and myself. For the last 12+ years she’s traveled the globe with us living in six countries on 4 different continents. She loved shawarma, cantaloupe and ham from your Egg McMuffin and would fight you for a bit of tuna.  She would spent hours slung over my shoulder every night and loved it when Erica cradled her in her arms like a baby. As hard as this lil’ creature was on the outside…inside she was just a big softy. There wasn’t a day she didn’t bring a smile to our faces and joy to our lives.  
But her little kidneys couldn’t keep up with her big loving heart.  Our house is still full of cats but somehow feels empty. We’re gonna miss you Ravi. Find your big brother, Burton when you get to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  I’ll sling you over my shoulder again when I get there. 
RIP lil’ one.  X
Ravi Jones ~ 2007 – 2019


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