Got Dents?

Whenever I see someone in a car or truck with a dent in it – I wonder what happened.  And then I’ll watch their driving skills – and try to determine if they were at fault.  I judge them on the state of their vehicle and the :60 to :90 seconds I see them drive.

Well, now the brake shoe is on the other foot….

I’m driving a car with the back end all smashed in. (For the record – it wasn’t my fault.) Someone rear ended us while we sitting at a traffic signal.

Now we’re waiting for the insurance companies to do their thing but in the meantime I gotta drive around in a car with the back end all busted up.  And, of course, I feel like everyone’s judging me and questioning my driving skills now.

Who is currently driving a car with a dent in – are you self-conscious about it?


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