Who was your first celebrity crush?

I was LEGIT going to marry Luke Perry!


With the sudden passing of Luke Perry, it occurred to me that he was my FIRST celeb crush.


I mean, sure, I had crushes on real people I knew in school (Chris Gaukel, I’m lookin’ at you kid!) but Luke Perry, Luke was going to be my boyfriend.


I had a pillow with his face on it. I had blankets. I had posters. I had socks. Name it. I LOVED him.


Luke Perry was impossibly cool and made Paul Newman look like Paul Blart when he stood next to a pool table! There was NOTHING he couldn’t do.


Then he starred in a movie that EVERY Central Valley girl swooned over…8 Seconds. We grew up in rodeos, and festas, and wore our dirty cowgirl boots with pride. We heard stories of Lane Frost, and to see OUR heartthrob play him….forget about it!


So it got me thinking…..who was your FIRST celebrity crush?




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