It Could Always Be Worse…

When you get a text or phone call from your (adult) kid at 3am, your heart sinks!

Photo By DJW

But at least this time it wasn’t a total emergency.

We were talking about my 19 year old Son Wednesday morning and how he lost his car keys, in Fairfield.

I know, Right!

After going to the Giants game he stayed with a buddy and was supposed to leave early so he could be at Delta College in the morning. When he woke up, he couldn’t find his keys anywhere. So he called and asked if we could bring him the extra set… at 3am!

Both my wife and I have early calls at our jobs, so driving there and back was totally out of the question. I asked On The Air if there was someone who would be willing to take the keys to him if they happen to be traveling to Fairfield. A lot of Good Samaritans said they would, but their schedules never worked out to make it happen.

Thankfully, there’s a bizarre conclusion to this story, which involves a 2-decades-old secret mnemonic device that saved the day. Get all the details Thursday morning.

-D.J. Walker


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