Find a Penny – Do You Pick It Up?

Found a penny in the parking lot this morning and stopped to pick it up.  Yes, I will pick it up – regardless if its heads up or not.  Money is money…right?

Apparently not.  According to a new survey 44% of people say they wouldn’t stop to pick up a penny and 6% say they wouldn’t pick up ANY coin if the see it on the street – NOT EVEN A QUARTER!

I will always stop to pick up money.  That being said, I don’t like carrying coins.  Can’t stand loose change in my pockets.  So it goes straight into the ashtray in my car.  So I never have exact change.  Those coins just keep piling up in the console.

When I sold my last car, I had close to $25 in change spread around between the ashtray, cup holders and the floor.  That change is now in a plastic bag in my kitchen.  And I’ve started a new collection in the vehicle I’m driving now.

What do you do with all of your spare change?


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