Help! What Do I Get My Kids For Christmas? Germs?


(What Should I get these little monkeys??? How about Stuffed Microbes?)

My Daughter Rylee is 6, Lila is 3. As you can tell, I can never get a picture with both of them smiling at the same time. Rylee is usually looking away and Lila either looks incredibly goofy or angry. Ha! So…what are you getting your kids? They liked those darn Fingerlings, those monkeys that sit on your finger and make noise or something…LOL, I don’t know. Anyways, they’re sold out everywhere unless I pay the mark up online, which doesn’t guarantee that I get a real one and not a knock off. Have you seen them anywhere??? Besides that though, I’m all out of ideas for something unique for little ones. What are you getting? Here’s an interesting list of recommended toys but I feel like it’s outdated for this year, maybe toys two years ago? And there is some weird stuff on here. Not sure how much my children would enjoy playing with plush germs? Who made this list? I’d rather see yours! (by Jaimee Lee)


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