What Was Your Favorite Halloween Costume As A Kid?

Growing up with Halloween in the 80’s

(Photo courtesy of Jaimee Lee)

For one, this picture from 1985 trips me out because this is myself(GIZMO), my niece and sister. Looks almost identical to me today with my two little girls. My daughter Rylee just turned 6 years old and looks exactly like me here. My daughter Lila however, looks nothing like me but a lot like my niece. I still loooove Halloween. Can you remember some of your favorite costumes growing up? My Mom rounded us up every year and took us down to KMART to pick out one of these stylish plastic outfits. LOL, boy have kid costumes come a long way…little bit more expensive though. But I loved these costumes!  I remember wearing this GIZMO costume with the plastic mask (not pictured) over and over daily. I remember wearing a Scooby Doo one just like this but red, over and over. Guess that’s why I had a dog named Scooby and I have a Chihuahua named Gremlin. What were some of your most memorable as a kid? Post them on our Facebook, I want to see!


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