What Is Lurking In Your Company Fridge? Do You Trust It?

(photo courtesy of Jaimee Lee)

The employee break room fridge can be quite a frightening experience. You never know what is lurking in there. It’s bad enough when you find old food stuffed in the back of your own fridge. At work, you are dealing with everyone’s food and everyone’s germs! We have a container of Taco Salad in the back of the company fridge that was from a pot lock a month and a half ago! My favorite situation is when food has been catered in for an employee party and one person takes the entire tray of tri-tip home, claiming all left overs as their dinner. Even better, I remember one employee who was notorious for eating everyone’s personal left overs. I mean, sandwiches and hamburgers that had been half eaten. Wouldn’t matter, they would eat it  and usually leave behind the take out box with a fry in it… if you were lucky. This same person would also take frozen dinners (that didn’t belong to them) out of the freezer and eat them. Returning the empty box to the freezer, taped shut! Who does that? Would you eat off of mystery left overs that had been half eaten by coworkers? Even worse, you don’t even know which coworker! At least this person left me a message on my bottle of water they mistakenly opened. But I’m a germaphobe and a hypochondriac. I don’t trust anything in the employee fridge. What has happened in your company fridge? Do you have a hungry, shady coworker?


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