It’ll Be 109 Tomorrow And 111 On Thursday… Here Is How To Keep Your Pets Safe And Healthy In The Heat

Image courtesy of Pixabay
With temperatures reaching 111 degrees this week in the Central Valley, this is timely, important information to protect our pets courtesy of the Paw Works Facebook page. And remember, if asphalt streets or concrete sidewalks are too hot for you to walk barefoot on, it’s too hot for their sensitive little paw pads too. Tips are not in any particular order of priority.

1. NEVER lock pets in hot cars or inside stuffy rooms.

2. Keep cool drinking water constantly available.

3. Take bottled water with you when walking pets and offer it often.

4. Do not make pets run in hot weather.

5. Wet your cats ears and run your damp hands over his or her body.

6. Walk dogs before 8am or after 6pm in shade and/or near water.

7. Wet the tips of your cats paws with cool water.

8. Don’t shave long-haired dogs if they’re outdoors often, this can cause sunburn.

9. Trim or clip long-haired cats to keep them cool but don’t shave them as in tip #8.

10. If you’re going to hose off your dog make sure to run the hose water until it runs cool before soaking your pet. Otherwise you risk burning them.


1. Listless or apathetic.

2. Shortness of breath.

3. Rapid panting and whining.

4. Cats moving slowly and drinking more than usual.

5. Movement disorder


1. Get your pet to a cool place like a basement, floor, tile or tub.

2. Immerse your pet in cool (not cold) water or wrap them in towels or sheets soaked with cool water.

3. If necessary take your pet to an emergency pet clinic.


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