Since We’re Going To Pay Higher Gas Taxes Now Can CalTrans Fix Golden State Blvd. In Turlock First Please?

Photo courtesy of Andy Winford/Cumulus Media

In the richest state of the wealthiest country in the world you’d think all of the roads would be well maintained. As you can see from the photo of Golden State Blvd. in the south part of Turlock, this is not so. All someone has to do is drive through Los Angeles on I-5 to see this kind of thing isn’t isolated in California. Our legislators and Governor Brown tell us the state is broke and that we needed new taxes to get these road repairs paid for and that there was no other way. Fine, you guys passed SB1 which will make gas taxes higher, to pay for the crumbling road related infrastructure… what’s done is done, now get to work. In the next 12 months Golden State Blvd better have a nice, shiny new blacktop and feature a quiet, smooth ride (or the work better be started at least) or we’ll know the higher gas prices will be a bunch of B.S. invented just to pay for who knows what. We’re watching Sacramento!


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