Are you #TeamNoSocks or #TeamAlwaysSocks when you wear sneakers?

Yep, that is a country dj wearing roughly $300 sneakers designed by Kanye West.

Before you slam me, I won these in a contest and I’m not sorry about it. They are SO not what I would normally rock, but in this new year your girl is trying new things and OWNING it!


Last night, as I was having a full blown panic attack (over dramatic sure, but I was stressin’ a bit!) about how the heck I was going to wear these things, I was thinking, I wonder how many people do not wear socks with their sneaks?


I NEVER wear socks with tennis shoes….ever. The ONLY time I wear sock, is with boots. I can’t stand em. I feel trapped in socks. Even when it is REALLY cold, I’m sockless.


I also don’t like the way socks look with tennis shoes. For me, it is a bit fashion, and a bit function. For the record, I don’t think my feet smell, but I am single soooooo that is still out to the jury hahahaha


Are you #TeamNoSocks or #TeamAlwaysSocks ?






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