Why Do Women LOVE Cooking Shows?

I had to put my foot down last night when The Princess wanted me to watch a show called

photo courtesy of pixabay

Nailed It.”  It’s a cooking competition where 3 TERRIBLE home cooks go head to head in a baking competition. The food they create looks disgusting and often tastes awful (according to the judges). This is an actual TV show. People cooking horrible food.  I watch 2 episodes and finally said I can’t do it anymore.

It’s not just that show.  We watch ’em all – Master Chef – Top Chef – Hell’s Kitchen – Chopped – she’ll even watch Guy Fieri and his stupid hair.

Fun fact, The Princess (WHO RARELY STEPS FOOT IN THE KITCHEN) is the biggest culprit. She never cooks, or has intentions of cooking. Yet she’ll watch hours of cooking shows. 

But it’s not just her…every single female I know is addicted to watching cooking shows.   What am I missing here? Why are women so obsessed with cooking shows?

If anyone can shed some light, it would be greatly appreciated.


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