Jeff Foxworthy is coming to Black Oak Casino


Jeff Foxworthy is one of the world’s most respected comedians.

He’s the largest-selling comedy-recording artist, a multiple Grammy Award nominee, and bestselling author of more than twenty-six books. He’s hosted or starred in five TV series and was also a part of one of the most successful comedy tours of all time, The Blue Collar Comedy Tour. And let’s not forget he’s given rednecks more jokes than they know what to do with. Jeff has excelled as a comic, an author, and a TV personality for over 25 years. He has made more people laugh than anyone on earth, but at the heart of it, Jeff Foxworthy is a guy. Born and raised in Atlanta, Jeff worked hard to be a great comedian, worked hard to marry up (He TOTALLY did! His wife Pamela is GORGEOUS!!), and is still working hard to take care of his daughters. Jeff is just a guy. So don’t be mad that his jokes are better than yours. (We kid….kinda!)


He is will be bringing his comedy to the stage at the new Westside Pavilion at Black Oak Casino Resort on Thursday August 2nd, 2018 and you can get presale tickets today using the code ” BLUECOLLAR”.


Just click on the Jeff’s picture to buy your tickets!!


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